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Reimagine Your Home

If you have been searching for a good way to totally transform the outside of your home, look into your exterior siding options.  Investing in siding for your home has several benefits including costs and an appearance you’ll be happy with for years to come. Vinyl Siding is practically maintenance-free because of its resilient character. Vinyl can save you on repairs! You don’t even need to paint it…. which is something most home homeowners hate!  This type of siding, along with others, sustains less environmental damage than wood. Also, it keeps a brand new look for years with minimal cleaning.
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Save on Energy Bills

If it is installed correctly with good insulation, it may mean lower energy bills throughout the coming years.  It’s believed that vinyl could save homeowners hundreds of dollars in energy bills throughout the life of the siding. Some manufacturers even guarantee savings of as much as 20%, which is a remarkable savings for sure. Leaking walls could be a major problem and may damage your indoor woodwork, possibly causing a threat to your family while growing mold and leaving your house with a mildew smell.

Vinyl siding waterproofs the house and saves you the trouble of being worried about water damage and mold along with looking for leaks.  Paint fades with time, giving you no other options but to repaint. However, vinyl is fade-resistant, needing less maintenance from you as well as an overall better appearance for your house.

Tough Stuff

Also, it will not rot, peel, dent,  or show scratches meaning you may enjoy clean looking exterior each day for years to come. When it does get a little dirty, you are able to use a power washer to clean it with water and soap, an easy and affordable process when in comparison to special treatments needed for other exteriors. Vinyl siding is really durable – great for those extreme Painesville Ohio winters!  Its simple to maintain.  We stand behind the high-quality products we use for our customers homes. It is really an outstanding commitment that shows the amount of quality and overall performance you can expect to have out of your home siding.

Colorful Options

You will find a lot of colors and styles to select from when you select vinyl exterior siding. Some sidings are bold and modern, while others can help give your house an original look, with custom designs that imitate wood paneling for example.  You’ll be able to give your home an entirely new distinctive look or just restore a little of its old charm.

When it involves home improvement, exterior siding is a terrific way to update old, tired exteriors without needing to replace them board-by-board. It provides you with a clean finish that works well with any type of home, whether modern or classic. It can save you time and money over a lifetime.

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Add Some Instant Curb Appeal with Vinyl Siding

Fixing up the outside of your home doesn’t have to be extremely expensive and time-consuming. In fact, the most sure-fire way to get instant curb appeal is to add a new facade to your home. So, if you’re looking to cover the outside of your home, then vinyl siding is going to be a great option for you and your home. In fact, chances are that your home is already using vinyl siding. Why? Well, for many homeowners, it has the look they want and requires the least amount of maintenance at a reasonable price. Based in the heart of Lake County in Painesville Ohio, we’ve successfully performed hundreds of jobs.

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for your home for several reasons.

1. It’s an inexpensive alternative. When compared to wood and stone siding, is less expensive by far. Even though you’ll have a choice between low-end and higher-end materials (quality), it is usually recommended that you go with the higher quality materials to ensure that your siding has a long life. When you are considering vinyl siding, some things to consider are the cost of installation, the cost of house wrap or tar paper, and Styrofoam backed siding. The higher quality is really your best choice since it will provide increased efficiency and durability and still cost less than other siding choices.

2. Maintenance free! Don’t we all need a little extra time in our day? With vinyl siding, you’ll never have to worry about chips, denting or weather damage. When the siding is manufactured, the pigment is baked in and as a result, your siding will never need repainting, which will save you money in the long run on the cost of repainting your home.

3. It’s very durable. Not even wood siding is as durable as vinyl siding. Vinyl has a longer lifespan than both aluminum and wood siding. Yes, brick and stone are the most durable siding options available, but when you are considering an inexpensive option, vinyl siding comes out on top.

4. Provides design flexibility and lasting beauty. Depending on the style of home you have or are building, vinyl siding comes in many colors, which makes it the obvious option for either updating your home or to complete your new home. Siding color and style can be chosen to fit the surrounding environment and to complement the other homes in your neighborhood. If you enjoy the look of wood, but don’t want the hassles and costs associated with maintaining it, vinyl siding can mimic the look of wood siding easily, without the maintenance worries. Design options include several options: horizontal and vertical siding; wide and narrow panel exposures; traditional clapboard; and authentically detailed shaped sidings, to name a few.

It Can Mimic the Look of Wood

If you enjoy the look of wood, but don’t want the hassles and costs associated with maintaining it, this product can mimic the look of wood siding easily, without the maintenance worries. There are many design options, such as horizontal and vertical siding; wide and narrow panel exposures; traditional clapboard; and authentically detailed shaped sidings, to name a few.

We know you have a lot of options for external contractors and siding companies, but our company has a great reputation and we have a lot of experience in handling vinyl siding projects. Contact us today and receive our top of the line customer service treatment.

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